Securing Affordable and Equitable Housing

Thriving communities need housing that is affordable and equitably available to people across a full range of incomes: young adults just starting out, seniors seeking security and stability in their remaining years, and individuals at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness. The connection between secure housing and improved health has been well researched, including one study in Oregon which found moving people into affordable housing reduced emergency room visits and overall health expenditures. By tackling the housing crisis, we can unlock the potential of tens of thousands of Oregonians and create a stronger economy and healthier people.

Bernadette’s Take

  • Promote development that increases the supply of safe, affordable rental homes through federal, state, and local investments. This includes assisting communities working to expand affordable housing to also account for people exiting homelessness and persons with disabilities when projecting housing unit demand.
  • Improve access to federally funded housing assistance by eliminating administrative barriers and  prioritize affordable housing targeting families and individuals experiencing homelessness in communities that are especially vulnerable to homelessness.
  • Facilitate collaboration between key stakeholders — public housing agencies, multi-family housing owners, and homelessness services systems — and provide guidance on how public housing agencies and multi-family housing owners can adopt admissions preferences to successfully house families and individuals exiting homelessness.
  • Support state and community initiatives that align rental assistance and capital financing sources to encourage new construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing units, increasing housing accessibility for families and individuals exiting homelessness.
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